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Parfum De Déesse

Parfum De Déesse

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Let's see the happy customers who tried Parfum De Déesse!

Release the sexiness in you with this Parfum De Déesse. It will help you boost your confident, enhance appeal, and improve relationship with your partner! Parfum De Déesse is the perfect signature scent! It is an fragrance that has biological attraction agents that are designed to make you irresistible!

Science Has Proven & Tested It!

According to scientific research, pheromones can elicit an attraction response by communicating with a person's brain receptors. You'll not only smell amazing thanks to the pheromones in our perfume's aroma formulation, but you'll also become more appealing!

What is Pheromones?

Body molecules called pheromones arouse curiosity, boost libido, and intensify desire. Pheromones are typically seen as discrete molecules or small groups of compounds that act as messengers between animals and humans. They are a form of subliminal or unspoken communication that makes the other person feel drawn to you. They have little aroma and are readily covered up by perfumes.

 Spice up your routine!

The perfume's composition is such that when it comes into contact with your skin, it enhances and intensifies the aroma and power of your pheromones. You will release a stronger, more favorable odor after your pheromones and the perfume make touch and connect. You will be able to draw in, entice, and arouse other people more skillfully thanks to the chemical fusion of your pheromones and the perfume.

We used a formulation to create the Parfum De Déesse that is strong enough to change feelings of affection, mood, and emotion. It sends impulses to people's brain receptors to light them up by stimulating them with pheromones. People become attracted to you immediately as a result of it. No one can tell if you are wearing pheromones because they don't have any detectable aroma. They will just experience a sudden attraction to you!

How Parfum De Déesse works?

Wearing the bracelet is a little but significant way to help you enhance more your pheromones and attract chemistry. Simply mist just the perfume on the felt pad, put the pad into the bracelet, then you can enjoy a long lasting diffusing aroma whole day long.

Benefits of Scent Pheromone Alluring Fragrance

  • Increasing amount of eye interactions to men
  • Make chemistry more rapid
  • An increase in contacts with men
  • Boost your relationship's sex life
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Long Lasting Effect and Scent  

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Perfume Net Content: 30ml

Bracelet: 27cm x 2cm

Package Includes

1 x Parfum De Déesse


1 x Quercus Macrocarpa Bracelet


1 x Delonix Regia Bracelet

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